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The new design for the Carrefour Bursa SAS areas aimed at providing a new and attractive shopping area at basement level, effectively anticipating the shopping experience to this level. At the same time, this allowed for the creation of a more commercially perceived interface with the surrounding parking areas, using a differentiated color scheme for each SAS entry that now allows a much increased visual orientation for clients.

On the inside of the SAS areas, the quality feeling in given by the use of materials, both in the floor, with a mix of natural stones and ceramics, as well as in the store fronts and ceilings

The curved, flowing design of these areas allows both a comfortable and welcoming entry to the Shopping Center, while allowing also a very direct visual connection to and from the upper commercial levels.

Specific furniture and wayfinding elements were also design in order to further improve on the clients’ experience, thus creating a much welcomed expansion to the commercial offer of Carrefour Bursa.