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The refurbishment of Carrefour Ankara's food court was devised in order not only to provide a new and more functional experience to costumers, but also to introduce a new, optimistic and fresh approach to the Shopping Center, one that can, together with the updates on the rest of the mall areas, strongly increase its attractiveness.

The entire food court was renovated, including new pavements, column claddings, furniture, ceilings and counters, as well as the exterior terrace area. New quality materials, like white Corian, were introduced, blending with the light green and mustard colors used on the completely new ceiling design that transformed the existing functionaly design canopies into curved design features that create a whole new atmosphere while improving natural and artificial lighting. The curved design of the celling is also used to enhance the design of the counters, effectively creating a unique identification on the food court area.

New illumination features and elements are also introduced, in a mix of direct and indirect lighting, the later designed as a curved wave that flows through the perimeter of the food court and again emphasizes the overall theme of the design.

The new furniture, chosen for its comfort and durability, is complemented with purpose-designed seating, in matching light green, that provide a welcomed lounge feeling on the food court entrance and throughout the malls.

The food court renovation is further extended to the exterior of the Shopping Center, in a matching- designed terraced area that not only allows for a greater experience for clients - including smokers - but also allows new arriving costumers to perceive activity and gives a first visual taste of the new Carrefour Ankara.

The circulation of the mall area was revised by closing one entrance and opening a new one, a major new characteristics of the renovated shopping center.